Update from the Visioning Team

The BUMC Visioning Team gave the following progress update at both services on Sunday, December 3:

The Visioning Team is being ably led by Gerry Tamburro and our lay coach Jack Scharf.   So far, we’ve had six very productive meetings full of holy conversations.  We are guided by the whispers of the Holy Spirit, the holy conversations that Reverend Jennifer had with congregation members when she began her ministry here,  the wisdom of our Visioning Team members, and the real life experiences of  a UMC pastor of a multi-campus church in Florida, Jorge Acevedo, whose book we are reading.

After deep discussions, much prayer, and collective wisdom, we are now ready to share with you a high level vision  for Bridgewater UMC.

We begin with our Mission:To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”  It mirrors the Great Commission and is also the mission of the UMC of which we are a member.   So, it must be our Mission as well.

Next is our Vision. Why should people want to come worship with us and participate in the life of our church?   Our Vision is that we want Bridgewater UMC to be a Welcoming, Engaging and Serving Church. What does that mean?  For us, it means that we want to be intentional about inviting and Welcoming All persons into the community of Christ.  We want to nurture healthy spiritual growth Throughout life; and we want to Engage all in the Building of God’s kingdom in the world.

What will we look like when we live into our Vision? Refer to our Vital Church Key Indicators (see chart below). Membership and worship attendance will increase.

Small groups will continue to multiply. Our mission outreach will expand. Contributions, both human and financial resources, will increase; and we will be a more hospitable church.

How will we do all these things? Candidly, we don’t know yet. That wisdom has not yet been fully revealed to us.  We have some ideas, but we also need your input. Over the next five weeks, members of the Visioning team will be contacting leaders and members of our ministry teams, such as our Hospitality, CYM, UMW, UMM, Mission and Outreach, and Church and Society, so that we can hear from you.

In addition, if you have burning thoughts to share, please contact any one of us on the team: Gerry Tamburro, Pat Bodden, Don Schulz, Christine Dombrowki, Greg Sydlowski, Robin Bonner, Nicholas Schaber, Linda DeLukey or Doug Parvin.

In this season of Advent, as we prepare with hopeful hearts for the coming our Lord, Emmanuel, God with Us, the Visioning Team asks for your fervent prayers and support, as we work to flesh out how we, at Bridgewater UMC, can become a more Welcoming, Engaging and Serving church, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.