Young Family Ministry

Young Family Ministry serves as a group at BUMC for families who have children ranging in age from birth through 5th grade. Our events are comprised of a mix of fellowship, service and spiritual opportunities. This group, and its events, allows families with young children to deepen their relationships with God so that they may become more fully involved in BUMC and the body of Christ.

You don’t have to be a member of the congregation to participate. Our activities are a welcoming and relaxed place to try out a small group at the church. Come grow with us!

For more information, please contact the Young Families Ministry Coordinator, Jen Schaber.

BUMC Prayer Walk

Join us for a BUMC Winter Prayer Walk. Families of all ages are welcome to an independent outdoor prayer journey throughout our wonderful outdoor BUMC property.

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Kindness Day - Supporting Frontline Hospital Workers: February 13, 10am

Kindness Day for Frontline Hospital Workers
Join us as we support and show kindness to our frontline hospital workers at RWJ Somerset in Somerville. We will gather on zoom to learn about all of the hard work our hospital workers are doing during COVID 19 and make some cards and coloring sheets for them.
Families are also welcome to make or buy treats or snacks for hospital workers. Please drop off cards, treats, and anything you’d like to include in our care package on the Schaber’s front porch Feb 13th or 14th. They will be delivered the morning of the 15th.

Click here for Kindness Day printables.

Email Jen Schaber for the Zoom link and drop off location.

Lent at Home - Beginning February 14th

Lent at Home is a wonderful way for our Young Families to stay connected to Christ during the season of Lent. Although we are unable to be together during Lent, we want to make sure that we reflect on this important time in our Liturgical Calendar.  We invite you to our "Lent at Home" page weekly so that you may discover a new video each week to view with your family.  Here you will also find printables to accompany the videos.


Virtual Shrove Tuesday - February 16th at 5:30 pm

Join us as we celebrate Shrove Tuesday @ Home! Print out activities below and share a picture of your family celebrating on the Facebook event by 6:30pm Tuesday February 16th for a chance to win a BUMC gift bag!

*Dress up in purple and green or in costume
*Ring bells and have a parade
*Donate the money you would have spent on tickets to the Somerset Food Bank
*Have a dance party to some Dixieland music
*Talk about if you are planning on giving up or doing any special devotions or projects for Lent to draw closer to God and prepare for Easter
*Color the Alleluia coloring page and hide it. Leave it there and try and see if you can find it on Easter morning.

Click here for printable ideas and coloring pages.

TED & Theology: Parents Night In: February 20, 8pm

Our February TED Talk: Why Would God Create a Tsunami?
Tom Honey tackles the problem of evil, also known as theodicy, in this talk. It is a challenging and beautiful expression of faith in the face of human tragedy. Watch his talk and make a note of the stories and quotes that jump out to you. Then listen to the devotion.

Watch the talk here

Listen to the devotion here

Email Jen Schaber for the Zoom link.