Please join us in praying for our siblings in Christ:

We share prayers of comfort and healing for Maggie Guyton; Rev. George Fischer; Ed Schmidt; Joseph A., cousin of Joe Chiarell and Joseph's wife Sylvia; for Vinny B., father of Anthony (son of Nicki Leeman); Peter D., friend of Sandi Hartzell; Tracy Impink, niece of Linda Hunter; Alexis, friend of Katie Stone; and Annabelle Suarez. We share prayers of comfort and healing for the son of Robert, a co-worker of Glenn Buono. Let us offer prayers of comfort for Robert's family.

We offer special prayers for those received into God's eternal rest including Eric L., dear friend and co-worker of Nicki Leeman and Kathryn Hartley.

We share prayers of comfort for the family and friends of Eric and Kathryn.