Local Missions

SHIP’s Galley (Samaritan Homeless Interim Program) in Somerville

Once a month on the second Friday of the Month, we volunteer at St. John’s Episcopal Church as part of the SHIP’s Galley Program to serve meals to the hungry.

SHIP’s Galley is a program of and service provided by the SHIP’s Anti-Hunger Program. The Galley was established in the Fall of 1992 as a response to need for an on site meal program to feed the hungry in our region. It is operated by SHIP with the support of faith communities, organizations and other volunteers whose purpose it is to provide a nutritious meal to any person in need. The meals are served to anyone in need regardless of age, race, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, HIV status, residence or any other qualification. Our “open door” policy means that anyone in need is welcome to partake of this service.

For more information please contact Dorothy Stevens