January 2019 Worship Series – Stop Being Nice

06      Be Kind – Preacher is Rev. Mary Kathryn Allen

Being nice and being kind are two totally different things.  Being
nice comes across on the surface, but kindness comes out of the
depths of our hearts.  To be kind is a reflection of God’s action.

13      Be Joyful – Preacher is Rev. June Tamburro

There is a big difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness
tends to happen to us, while joy is a choice we make and a way of
being in the world.  While happiness is based on circumstances; joy
is an assurance of God with us.

20      Be Peaceful – Preacher is Rev. Dr. Jennifer Cho

Peace is not the absence of conflict.  Biblical peace stem from
shalom, finding harmony between people.  We are called to be
peacemakers in a divided world. Peace is an action which requires
us to seek justice and harmony.

27      Be Loving – Preacher is Rev. Dr. Jennifer Cho

Love sounds like a mushy, fluffy word; but real love is anything but
touchy-feely.  While the Bible’s famous passage about love may be read often at weddings, the writer was really trying to capture the
depth and struggle to love fully.  We’ll wrap up “Stop Being Nice” by
doing the hard work of really loving others.