Library Ministry

Looking for something to inspire, inform or refresh you or other family members?  The Library Ministry of BUMC has over 2,000 items to do just that!

  • The Library is located in Room 21, down the hall beyond Fellowship Hall
  • The library is self-serve, and is open whenever the church building is open
  • Please sign out each item!
    • Books are to be returned in 2-4 weeks
    • DVDs, CDs and other media are to be returned in 1-2 weeks
  • Leave a request for any item you cannot find and you will be notified as soon as it is available

There is something for everyone in the BUMC Library:

  • Adult Collection 
    • Books, DVDs and magazines are available on a wide variety of topics including inspiration, Bible Study, comparative religion, parenting, fiction and biography
  • Children’s Collection
    • Books appropriate for nursery age, and Pre-K to Grade IV.  We also have Bibles, references and a section of special topics for children.
  • Youth Collection
    • Books for grades VII to high school are marked “Young People” and include adventure, romance, science, fiction, biograpy and topics such as dating, parents, school and friends.
  • Media Collection
    • DVDs and CDs for all ages are available, including full length feature films, contemporary Christian music, animated Bible stories, Sunday School sing-alongs, value-oriented children’s entertainment and documentaries.


Since 1987, the Library Ministry has been lead by Arline Cox.   Since 2002, Linda Janci has served as the Children’s Librarian.   Please contact Arline at if you would like to help with the Library Ministry.